Swiss Biotech Center

Your reference partner for In-Vitro Diagnostics and  Biopharmaceuticals


Based in Monthey since 2016, Swiss Biotech Center (SBC) is acting as a competence center open to innovative companies, academic researchers, developers and young entrepreneurs. SBC turns biomedical research of academic institutions and small companies into products, providing support to innovative life-science companies in the fields of Biopharmaceuticals and In-Vitro Diagnostics, with a specific focus on Point-Of-Care Tests.


To achieve that goal, SBC provides customized services of development, a top-notch laboratory and infrastructure, including a cGMP compliant clean room for the Biopharmaceutics activity and a lab dedicated to lateral flow technology. The aim of SBC is to provide dedicated services and support in a « one-stop-shop » approach based on its assets and infrastructures, its own and network’s competences, physical hosting upon the needs, access to financing and outsourcing services.

Ideally located in the heart of the swiss « Health Valley » constituting a dynamic ecosystem, SBC has also assembled an extensive network of partners to help our customers developing the new life sciences products and technologies that will shape our future.


Biopharma: services and equipment

In the Biopharma space, SBC and its partners are providing a full support of recombinant proteins or antibodies from the development of bioprocesses to the manufacturing of cGMP batches for clinical trials (Phase I), included analytical development and Fill&Finish.


  • Partner for developing innovative drugs
  • BioProcess development, pilote scale and cGMP manufacturing
  • In house and partnered full capacity to develop biopharmaceuticals towards clinic



Diagnostic: services and equipment

In the Diagnostics arena, SBC and its partners will develop your rapid test, based on lateral flow technology platform, starting from your biomarkers to the industrialized manufacturing process, under ISO13485 compliant quality management system.

 Point of care Diagnostics:

  • Partner for developing innovative Dx test with strong focus on Lateral flow
  • Product development, pilote scale and manufacturing
  • In house and partnered full capacity to develop PoC Dx towards the market



Are you a start-up active in the life sciences willing to develop a new product related to diagnosis or biopharmaceutical drugs?

Our customized offer includes:

  • turnkey access to pre-industrial platforms for production of first series of products
  • on-site offices, in Monthey BioArk building
  • coaching and project monitoring by our specialists in the field
  • support for potential funding research
  • networking with life sciences players in Switzerland and around the world (industries, SMEs, research institutes, etc.)




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